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Pi-Tech also provides the following services to its PMPs (and through them to the end client) to augment the wide range of products and to ensure that the PMPs can deliver a quality custom solution to their end clients.



Data Architecture

Due to the unique nature of each system, there is seldom a detail functional data model available for the functionality required. This service will entail performing a full and detail technical and functional design and specification across multiple systems.   During this process the interface standards to the systems will be addressed from a data model architecture and acquisition point of view.

Functional Design and Specification.

This service provides assistance with the functional and/or system specifications and requirements. We also assist our clients with a selection, from all the levels, for the applicable components of the pGo® technology to resolve the functionality requirement.

pGo® Training

Formal training courses are available to equip personnel with the required knowledge and skills at various levels of competency for our tool set.  Various pGo® training courses are available. Functional training is based on the business processes.

System Integration

This entails the development of the required data integration processes for maximum optimisation and ease of use by the client between the proposed solution, current, legacy or other 3rd party software products.

Data Migration

Pi-Tech provides a service and various tool sets in order to migrate any existing data to the pGo® solution data model or any other data model.

Business Process Re-engineering

The service entails the adaptation of existing workflows, business rules or processes as well as the creation of new ones, specifically according to the required client business rule changes. This will include the adaptation of business process functions as well as work flow and automation functions in the software or in the business.

WEB Development

Web development services includes the development of client web applications incorporating the client's requirements with regard to styling (style sheets), stand alone web services or a complete multi tier system, where the web application forms the front end with the business/application logic and data residing in the application server and the database respectively.

Solution Development

This service include the consultation on the best technical architecture design with regard to single or multi tier development, front ends and databases required and the development of the software solution.

Mobile development

Mobile development services assist the client in arriving at a mobile solution that suits all their requirements. We leverage our end-to-end cross platform mobile capabilities to design, develop and deliver a comprehensive mobile solution that solves all the clients’ problems. We have the ability to develop mobile solutions that require a deep understanding of the heterogeneity of platforms (WinCE, PalmOS, Symbian/EPOC, J2ME), devices (iPAQ, Nokia Series 60, Palm) and interfaces (Bluetooth, WLAN 802.11a/b/g, WAP, GSM/GPRS). We also help the client to synchronize their mobile data to/from their internal business data and existing ERP systems. 

Data Base Administration

Pi-Tech provides a service to monitor your databases, check the “health” of them as such, do capacity planning, and will also assist with performance optimization.

Application Hosting

This service entails the complete hosting of the client's application including hardware, database and application or web servers where part of the solution. Application and Database Administration support for the hosted application form part of service provided.


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