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Any pGo® custom solution is basically ‘assembled as required’ from the following ‘Lego’ type components, running over any data model (new or legacy) of choice, hosted in a RDBMS of choice. (Oracle, Sybase Adaptive Server Anywhere and SQL Server are standard, all other on special quote.)


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pGo® Applications

GCA pGo Command Centre

A MS Window’s based application workbench used by our product-manufacturing partners (PMP’s) to build and customise various functional solutions for their clients. The advanced capabilities of this workbench means that the PMP seldom deploy it at the client, unless they have ensured that the end client have comprehensively trained advanced super users on our technology.


pGo Commander

A MS Window’s based application that provides full operational information system capabilities. The application allows users to: Retrieve, view, sort, filter and update information for various subject areas. Generate reports. Save, print or view this information. The system always reflects the most current information


pGo Explorer

Provides all the capabilities of pGo–Commander, but in view only mode. It has been designed as a report writer tool.  This application will normally be used in conjunction with some of the other application modules. It is targeted at users with limited operational or data capturing responsibilities, but for whom information extraction is important.


pGo Test

The Pi-Test application shell is used to test student’s knowledge, on-line. It provides on-line testing with immediate scoring. Tests and test results are stored in a database and thus enable analysis reports to pinpoint test deficiencies.


pGo Web

A set of Java based presentation components and servers that are deployed on a web server and makes the functional data model available via the web. The web applications share the exact same Meta schema to interpret the data model as the windows based presentation layer.


pGo MyInfo

A Java based presentation layer based on the MIDP profile as deployed on the Symbian series 60 cell phones. It enables data exchange via a portal to enable the access to various pre-defined data sets


pGo Mobile

A presentation layer for the Pocket PC PDA’s. It enables the expansion of the presentation layer via Wi-Fi or synchronised data transfers. The PDA applications share the exact same Meta schema to interpret the data model as the windows based and web based GUI’s.

pGo® Components



Provides a comprehensive set of data manipulation commands and views for any database table.



The Business Process Animator (BPA) is used to provide an interface to the User to more easily execute complex tasks, without having a detailed knowledge of the task. This is achieved by ‘animating’ a company's process of executing a task, and providing you with a visual and interactive ‘picture’ of the process flow.


pWEB Data

Provides a comprehensive set of data manipulation commands and views for any database table via the web.



(Geographical Information System) provides extensive geographical and image display capabilities, linked to associated operational data. Imaging capability is implemented according to client requirements and is not pre-defined by a development exercise.


p3D Graphics

This component provides a 3 dimensional component that enables the toolset to interact between the 3D objects and the database. The 3D world typically consists of a 3 dimensional structures containing objects, eg a Storeroom containing parts. This means that we can link any database attribute to any structure component or object. Additionally the objects can be viewed from any angle as allowed by the camera tracks specified for the world.


pAFIS (Biometric)

The Automated Fingerprint Identification System can be used to ensure biometric data capture, identification and verification. This component ensures fast and reliable access to a variety of fingerprint capture and identification processes.



The multi media component can be utilised to capture and store to the database a variety of multimedia files such as audio, video, photographic and scanned Images. A number of additional functions are provided to enable the usage of items such as image enhancement, text to speech conversion or motion detection in video.



Provides a low maintenance training solution. It provides interactive training and student instruction with minimal development and maintenance costs.


pDocumentation/ Image Management

The pGo® EDMS component forms part of an integrated approach to information management. It can be applied as a stand-alone system, or form part of the ERP solution. The component was designed around a core configuration management module to enable proper modification management cycles to be incorporated into documentation revision control. Any associated electronic file can be accessed for editing via OLE2 capabilities into the originating application or can be viewed via our VCET file viewer plug-in.


E-Mail/MAPI interface

This component is used to enable the pGo® suite to provide E-mail and SMS integration to the user.


pTask Manager

The task management and communication capabilities (Business Automation), enables the user to see a list of all outstanding tasks assigned to him. A number of rescheduling rules in the pGo® task manager will take cognisance of employee availability and will also flag tasks outstanding for more than a client-defined period for Supervisory input or auto re-routing. With the PGI (Pigo Instruction) feature database records can be e-mailed to anyone who has access to the system. This enables batch automation of tasks on an ad-hoc basis. When specific structured workflow operations are required that is additional to the existing documentation automation, the Pigo system will be integrated with workflow packages to enable full workflow functionality.


pOCOM Component

The pOCOM Component is utilised to provide the toolset the capability to interface with various external devices and ports. These powerful components can enable Port I/O Communications for Peer-2-Peer integration with numerous devices (e.g. Serial/modem, Parallel, Sockets, 1-Wire, etc.). It is ideal for data acquisition, data distribution, T&A, access control and/or asset location tracking (personnel or equipment).

pGo® Integration Components



pHawk is an application integration module that is used to export, import, synchronise or transfer data or reports into a pre-defined format. The data can then be distributed to several destinations utilising various methods and protocols, such as e-mail, ftp, file, etc.


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