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Pi-Tech has been published as one of the ‘Top ICT companies in South Africa ’ (2003/2004 edition) by CRF.

Pi-Tech specializes in the development, maintenance and continual enhancement of its core ICT technology named pGo®, which is used by its product-manufacturing partners (PMPs) to create custom solutions for its clients. The pGo® technology spans the full spectrum of client server, web and mobile solutions, and is assembled on a building block basis.

Pi-Tech is possibly the proto-type of the 21st century company - a small nucleus of highly qualified individuals that remains small by choice, and works hard at preventing itself from growing large. The company evolved from two former mother companies through a series of management buy outs, sales and merger with a sister company, which funded some of the strategic developments in the early days.

The pGo® technology development started in 1993 with a specific strategy of replacing military developed software in the commercial market.

The company's vision is to provide the market with the best components whatever the market's needs are in terms of management information systems.

The company was formally established in 1997 under its current name. Through the application of its 25-module toolbox technology over the past ten years, Pi-Tech has formed partnerships with Product Manufacturing Partners (PMP’s) that have functional expertise in various fields, in order to provide a wide variety of solutions ranging from specialized tracking, cataloguing and scanning systems to full ERP systems.

"Our intent is to enable clients to help themselves. We concentrate on enabling, rather than simply charging clients for man-hours."

The business model is strongly research and development (R&D) driven - a considerable amount of time is spent on pure R&D. When the company feels it has met its financial targets for the financial year, the staff takes time off to devote to working on pure R&D.

"We look at IT strategy - where is the IT industry headed strategically. We are then able to pro actively take these ideas to clients who may be unaware that opportunities are available. We’re concentrated right now on the mobile environment, developing software for mobile phones and devices. The technology was developed to provide for a rapid application development with a cost effective maintenance strategy."


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