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“Whenever you have a gap, where your current systems do not support your business requirements pGo® can be assembled to fill that gap, much faster than you would think!

Especially if your requirements are still vague and your timescales are tight! 












This can be achieved independently of whether the required topology is:

·        Client server

·        Web/Application server based

·        Pervasive/Mobile (connected or not)

·        Peer to Peer

·        Mixture of the above


Some of the existing ‘Lego® type’ information blocks, which can be used to assemble such a highly specific, once off solution, consist of:


·        Identification Scanning (Biometrics, Barcode, RFID, etc)

·        Geographical and/or 3D Information Representation

·        Business Intelligence

·        Business process animation and automation.

·        Office and e-mail integration

·        Document/Image management

·        Analysis (Cross-tabulation & Graphical)

·        Ad-hoc information Browsing & report generation

·        System requirements modeling and management

·        Integration to other systems

·        J2ME, J2SE or Personal Java components or WAP pages for Mobile/Cellular devices

·        J2EE and XML components for application servers or Web services

·        JSP Web pages

·        Peripheral I/O management (Sockets, Serial, Parallel, 1-wire, etc)

·        Real time tracking of any assets


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