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The pGo Technology

The pGo technology is a set of information system development tools and end products that are utilised by various Product Manufacturing Partners (PMPs) to develop these functional information system solutions. Among the current list of PMPs are: Exponant, PiLOG, Startech, Pytron. Core technologies and partnerships for the tool sets are sourced from: Nokia, Microsoft, Oracle, Sybase and Sun.


The basic object orientated architectural design of the pGo Technology, is illustrated in the picture.

        The user interfaces are the front end, through which the functionality of the system is presented to the end user. They are totally data model independent and mostly generate their own user interface screens, based on the Meta schema information. The interfaces can be assembled from the Pi Core Foundation Class (Pi-CFC) objects, which represents a 5th generation language. The user interfaces interacts with the other object levels as follows:

        Custom libraries are used to build customised end user presentations.

        The Meta schema translates the physical data model and provides other specialised customisation functions. This acts as a development workbench or 6th generation language, any customisation of data element names and functions can be set up in this layer. It acts as an interpretation layer to the user interfaces to present the correct (customised) functionality and views to the end user.

        Special processes are used to enforce business rules or to enable automation of processes. It is normally triggered either from the interfaces (based on entries in the meta schema) or by database activity.

        The physical data model is at the bottom. In the pGo Technology it is represented as business objects to the user, based on the Meta schema entries.


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